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    • 合集【WAV/FLAC】「Genshin Impact」音乐合集/miHoYo

      【WAV/FLAC】「Genshin Impact」音乐合集/miHoYo


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」City of Winds and Idylls「風と牧歌の城」/miHoYo


      Disc 1

      1.01.Twilight Serenity (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.).flac

      1.02.Legend of the Wind.flac

      1.03.The City Favored By Wind.flac

      1.04.Bustling Afternoon of Mondstadt.flac

      1.05.Dusk in Mondstadt.flac

      1.06.Mondstadt Starlit.flac

      1.07.Moonlight in Mondstadt.flac

      1.08.Another Day in Mondstadt.flac

      1.09.Windborne Hymn.flac

      1.10.Knights of Favonius.flac

      1.11.Angel's Share.flac

      1.12.Silhouette and Silk Steps.flac

      1.13.Perilous Path.flac

      1.14.Say My Name.flac

      1.15.Welp, Didn't Expect That….flac

      1.16.An Interesting Labour.flac

      1.17.Make Haste, Partner.flac

      1.18.A Happy Day.flac

      1.19.Reunion in the Whispering Woods.flac


      1.21.Meeting Amber.flac

      1.22.Storm Befalls.flac

      1.23.Slight Distress.flac

      1.24.Tender Strength.flac

      1.25.Imminent Triumph.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Beckoning (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.).flac

      2.02.Hence, Begins the Journey.flac

      2.03.Dawn Winery Theme.flac

      2.04.Before Dawn, at the Winery.flac

      2.06.Cold Night.flac

      2.07.Whispering Plain.flac

      2.08.Statue of the Seven.flac

      2.09.Acquaintance (Statue of the Seven).flac

      2.10.Stealing Words of the Moon.flac

      2.11.Wayfarer's Peace.flac

      2.12.Wind-Washed Mountains.flac

      2.13.Wayward Souls.flac

      2.14.Reminiscence (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.).flac

      2.15.Restless Blazing Sun.flac

      2.16.Remembrance (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.).flac

      2.17.The Horizon.flac

      2.18.Awaiting for the Future.flac

      2.19.Moonlit Wilderness.flac

      2.20.A New Day with Hope.flac

      2.21.Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.).flac

      2.22.Forlorn Child of Archaic Winds (Dvalin's Nest).flac

      2.23.Forsaken Child of Ancient Times (Dvalin's Nest).flac

      2.24.Midday Prospects.flac

      2.25.Dwelling in the Past.flac

      2.26.Eternal Anamnesis (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.).flac

      2.5 .A Familiar Sight and Leisure.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.Photon of Fluctuation.flac

      3.02.His Resolution.flac

      3.03.Rhythm from Ancient Times.flac

      3.04.Endless Echoes.flac

      3.05.Charge! Fearless Warriors.flac

      3.06.Beats of Water Drops.flac

      3.07.Magic Intrigues.flac

      3.08.Against All Odds.flac

      3.09.Perpetual Motion of Wind.flac

      3.10.Riders of the Wind, Onward.flac

      3.11.Whirl of Boreal Wind.flac

      3.12.Symphony of Boreal Wind.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Fleeting Colors in Flight「流るる星霜、華咲きて」/miHoYo

      1.01.Devastation and Redemption.flac

      1.02.Myriad of Lights.flac

      1.03.Devastation and Redemption (Instrumental Original Soundtrack).flac


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Footprints of the Traveler「流星の軌跡」/miHoYo

      1.01.A New Star Approaches.flac

      1.02.The Chalk Prince and the Dragon.flac

      1.03.All That Glitters.flac

      1.04.Invitation of Windblume.flac

      1.05.Beneath the Light of Jadeite.flac

      1.06.Midsummer Island Adventure.flac

      1.07.The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.flac

      1.08.Floating World Under the Moonlight.flac

      1.09.Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog.flac

      1.10.Shadows Amidst Snowstorms.flac

      1.11.Fleeting Colors in Flight.flac

      1.12.When the Sakura Bloom.flac

      1.13.Zephyr of the Violet Garden.flac

      1.14.Hidden Dreams in the Depths.flac

      1.15.Summer Fantasia.flac


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Forest of Jnana and Vidya「ジュニャーナヴィディヤーの森」/miHoYo


      Disc 1


      1.02.Whirling of Leaves and Petals.flac

      1.03.Flickering Shadows of Trees.flac

      1.04.For Riddles, for Wonders.flac

      1.05.Evergreen Wish.flac

      1.06.Many-Colored Smiles and Tears.flac

      1.07.Overnight Dew in the Woods.flac

      1.08.Thoughts and Prayers.flac

      1.09.Those Lucid Dreams.flac

      1.10.Silent Starry Night.flac

      1.11.Fresh Breezes of Dawn.flac

      1.12.Halcyon Times.flac

      1.13.Return to Trueness.flac

      1.14.Hustle and Bustle of Ormos.flac

      1.15.End of the Feast.flac

      1.16.Bustling Streets.flac

      1.17.Sleepless Night.flac

      1.18.Village Surrounded by Green.flac

      1.19.Enchanting Bedtime Stories.flac

      1.20.Scorching Outpost.flac

      1.21.Unyielding Witness.flac

      1.22.In Yonder Ribat.flac

      1.23.Vigilant Minders.flac

      1.24.Forest in the Light.flac

      1.25.Rustling of Tender Foliage.flac

      1.26.A Desultory Stroll.flac

      1.27.Chasing the Reflection.flac

      1.28.As the Soft Wind Blows.flac

      1.29.Languid and Quiet Moment.flac

      1.30.Moonlit Night in Sumeru.flac

      1.31.Vagrant Wandering.flac

      1.32.A Drowsy Sensation.flac

      1.33.Ethereal Mildness.flac

      1.34.Resonant Chant in the Woods.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Varuna's Mercy.flac

      2.02.Jungle Wanderers.flac

      2.03.Dissipating Mist.flac

      2.04.Dewy Morn in the Forest.flac

      2.05.Stream of Twilight Thoughts.flac

      2.06.Hymns of Eventide.flac

      2.07.Over the Tumbling Rivulet.flac

      2.08.A Shallow Promise.flac

      2.09.Lost in Sweet Gentle Breezes.flac

      2.10.Into the Valley of Solitude.flac

      2.11.Speechless Sorrows.flac

      2.12.Faint Afterglow.flac

      2.13.A Puff of Cool Breeze.flac

      2.14.A Whisper of Evening Star.flac

      2.15.Distant Yearning.flac

      2.16.Funneled Gorge.flac

      2.17.Whitewood Memorabilia.flac

      2.18.Gone With the Wind.flac

      2.19.Transparent Night.flac

      2.20.Tangled Vines.flac

      2.21.Lingering Memories.flac

      2.22.Vestige of Dahri.flac

      2.23.Dust-Laden Recollections.flac

      2.24.Midnight Reflections.flac

      2.25.Lonely Star's Longing.flac

      2.26.In the Solemn Gloom.flac

      2.27.Faith in the Percept.flac

      2.28.A Luminous Path.flac

      2.29.Dance With Fireflies.flac

      2.30.Silky Crooning.flac

      2.31.Beyond Klesha.flac

      2.32.Melody of Bright New Buds.flac

      2.33.Melody of Sprouting Flowers.flac

      2.34.Melody of Fresh Dewdrops.flac

      2.35.Melody of Hidden Seeds.flac

      2.36.Melody of Brave Seeds.flac

      2.37.Melody of Dream Home.flac

      2.38.Melody of Young Leaves.flac

      2.39.Melody of Distant Green Fields.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.Chatter Between Roots.flac

      3.02.Long-Lost Chapters.flac

      3.03.Nameless Days.flac

      3.04.Whispers of Immensity.flac

      3.05.Immemorial Land.flac

      3.06.In a Forgotten Tongue.flac

      3.07.Walk Through the Silent Path.flac

      3.08.A Fruitless Search.flac

      3.09.Unbounded Barrenness.flac

      3.10.Dream of Ageless Time.flac

      3.11.Dust and Tears.flac

      3.12.Descending Into the Dark.flac

      3.13.Hollow Echoes.flac

      3.14.A Sense of Furtive Unrest.flac

      3.15.Fading Light.flac

      3.16.Listless and Numb Ground.flac

      3.17.In Barren Ashes.flac

      3.18.Struggle of Dying Embers.flac

      3.19.Feelings of Smothering.flac

      3.20.Snare Awaiting.flac

      3.21.Dreamless Earth.flac

      3.22.Fatal Confrontation.flac

      3.23.Before the Light Fades.flac

      Dsic 4

      4.01.Swirls of the Stream.flac

      4.02.Rhymes of Vales.flac

      4.03.Gilded Runner.flac

      4.04.Jolts in the Forest.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Islands of the Lost and Forgotten「遺失と忘却の島」/miHoYo


      Disc 1

      1.01.Island of Crystal and Pearl.flac

      1.02.Illuminated Coral Palace.flac

      1.03.Peaceful Wishes.flac

      1.04.A Tranquil Town.flac

      1.05.Stroll Along the Beach.flac

      1.06.In a Harmonious Atmosphere.flac

      1.07.Stories Untold.flac

      1.08.What Now Remains.flac

      1.09.Roaming in Silence.flac

      1.10.Lonely Journey.flac

      1.11.Swath of Desolation.flac

      1.12.Echoes of Solitude.flac

      1.13.Mournful Whisperings.flac

      1.14.Desire for Calm.flac

      1.15.A Fragment of Peace.flac

      1.16.Slumbering Land of Neko.flac

      1.17.Savory Treat.flac


      1.19.In a Cautious Way.flac

      1.20.Silent Seclusion.flac

      1.21.Contemplation on Eternity.flac

      1.22.A Sepulchral Gloom.flac

      1.23.When All Has Elapsed.flac

      1.24.Sorrows of Strays.flac

      1.25.Misty Truth.flac

      1.26.Wandering in the Mist.flac

      1.27.Walking a Pathless Path.flac

      1.28.Fading Memories.flac

      1.29.A Memorable Fancy.flac

      1.30.Ruu's Melody.flac


      Disc 2

      2.01.Pathway to the Hidden Isles.flac

      2.02.Sink into Oblivion.flac

      2.03.The Abysmal Region.flac

      2.04.The Glooming Light.flac

      2.05.The Shallow Melancholy.flac

      2.06.Drops of Time.flac

      2.07.Evanescent Moments.flac

      2.08.A Glimpse of Old Dreams.flac

      2.09.Like in a Haze.flac

      2.10.Chthonian Voices.flac

      2.11.The Gaze of the Ancients.flac

      2.12.Soft Moans of the Remains.flac

      2.13.The Long Dark Night.flac

      2.14.A Dim Echo of the Past.flac

      2.15.In the Brink of Time.flac

      2.16.Drift Along the Lethe.flac

      2.17.Now and Forevermore.flac

      2.18.At Dawn and Dusk.flac

      2.19.Tales of Woe.flac

      2.20.Tearless Souls of Byakuya.flac

      2.21.The Realm of Tokoyo.flac

      2.22.Hope or Nostalgia.flac


      Disc 3

      3.01.Chrysalis Suspirii.flac

      3.02.Saltatio Favillae.flac

      3.03.Bane of Ambitions.flac

      3.04.Thunderings of the Merciless.flac

      3.05.The Almighty Violet Thunder.flac

      3.06.Combat Beneath the Waves.flac

      3.07.Undersea Encounters.flac

      3.08.No Turning Back.flac


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Jade Moon Upon a Sea of Clouds「皎月雲間の夢」/miHoYo


      Disc 1


      1.02.Moon in One's Cup.flac

      1.03.Relaxation in Liyue.flac

      1.04.Maiden's Longing.flac

      1.05.Sun Rises in Liyue.flac

      1.06.Good Night, Liyue.flac

      1.07.Call It a Day in Liyue.flac

      1.08.Clear Sky Over Liyue.flac

      1.09.Transparent Moon (Liuli Pavilion).flac

      1.10.Treasury from the Northland.flac

      1.11.Cozy Leisure Time (Wangshu Daytime).flac

      1.12.Sojourner's Sweet Dream (Wangshu Night).flac

      1.13.Winding River.flac

      1.14.Mild Waves.flac

      1.15.Rhythm Amidst the Reeds.flac

      1.16.Flows of Jade-Like Water.flac

      1.17.Blossoms Across the Valley.flac

      1.18.Flow of Mildness.flac

      1.19.Stroll in the Shadows.flac

      1.20.Melodious Flute.flac

      1.21.Gentle Rain.flac

      1.22.Vague Whispers.flac

      1.23.Legends Swept Away.flac

      1.24.Joy of Returning.flac

      1.25.Loner's Departure.flac

      1.26.Foxes at Play.flac

      1.27.Plain of Nostalgia.flac

      1.28.Another Hopeful Tomorrow.flac

      1.29.This Little Light of Mine.flac

      1.30.Legend of Redemption.flac

      1.31.Hazy Light.flac

      1.32.Scattered Amongst the Tides.flac

      1.33.Rhythms From the Conch.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Peaceful Hike (Qingce Daytime).flac

      2.02.The Fading Stories (Qingce Night).flac

      2.03.Wandering Flight.flac

      2.04.Faint Track.flac

      2.05.Idle Away From Mountains.flac

      2.06.Humming Amidst Rocks.flac

      2.07.Above the Sea of Clouds.flac

      2.08.Adeptus' Retirement.flac

      2.09.A Casual Visit.flac

      2.10.A Serendipitous Encounter.flac

      2.11.Freedom of Crane.flac

      2.12.Rays of Sunlight.flac

      2.13.Rainbow at Summit.flac

      2.14.Spring in Clouds.flac

      2.15.Adeptus' Solace.flac

      2.16.The Absence of Adepti.flac

      2.17.Emerging Clouds.flac

      2.18.Drink With a Hermit.flac

      2.19.Moss Covered Path.flac

      2.20.Bird Call From Afar.flac

      2.21.Red Leaf on the Chessboard.flac

      2.22.Secluded Sanctuary.flac

      2.23.Flickering Petals.flac

      2.24.Swinging in the Breeze.flac

      2.25.Solitude Mountains.flac

      2.26.Distant Resonance.flac

      2.27.Foregone Giants.flac

      2.28.Linger in the Valley.flac

      2.29.Slumbering Lore.flac

      2.30.Silent Ruins.flac

      2.31.Lone Drifter.flac

      2.32.Lost Expectation.flac

      2.33.The Realm Within.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.Rapid as Wildfires.flac

      3.02.Chasing the Torrents.flac

      3.03.Gallant Challenge.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Melodies Of An Endless Journey/miHoYo


      Disc 1

      1.01.Genshin Impact Main Theme.wav

      1.02.Mondstadt (Full Concert Version).wav

      1.03.Happy Journey.wav

      1.04.Innocent Age.wav

      1.05.Contemplation In Snow.wav

      1.06.Let's Go, Crimson Knight!.wav

      1.07.Dance Of Aphros.wav

      1.08.Bard's Adventure.wav

      1.09.Mellow Memories.wav

      1.10.Fireside Rest.wav

      1.11.Photon Of Fluctuation.wav

      1.12.Knighthood Excellence.wav

      1.13.The City Favored By Wind.wav

      1.14.Dusk In Mondstadt.wav

      1.15.Mondstadt Starlit.wav

      1.16.Another Day In Mondstadt.wav

      1.17.Angel's Share.wav

      1.18.Windborne Hymn.wav

      1.19.Midday Prospects.wav

      1.20.Rite Of Battle.wav

      1.21.The Edge Of The Prairie.wav

      1.22.Relaxation In Liyue.wav

      1.23.Treasury From The Northland.wav

      1.24.Slumbering Lore.wav

      1.25.Gallant Challenge.wav

      Disc 2

      2.01.The Outlander Who Caught The Wind.wav

      2.02.L'arrivo Della Signora.wav

      2.03.A Wicked Plot.wav

      2.04.Charge! Fearless Warriors.wav

      2.05.Nimble As Lightning.wav

      2.06.Path Of Yaksha.wav

      2.07.Qilin's Prance.wav

      2.08.Rex Incognito.wav

      2.09.A Storm, A Spire, and A Sanctum (Dvalin's Nest).wav

      2.10.Caelestinum Finale Termini.wav

      2.11.Letter From Ajax.wav

      2.12.Never-Ending Performance.wav

      2.13.Rapture Of The Chaos.wav

      2.14.Wrath Of Monoceros Caeli.wav

      2.15.Dance With The Great Vortex.wav

      2.16.Rhythm From Ancient Times.wav

      2.17.Against All Odds.wav

      2.18.Destined Parting.wav

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Millelith's Watch「千岩の眺望」/miHoYo


      Disc 1

      1.01.Wordless Cliffs.flac

      1.02.On the Vast Earth.flac

      1.03.Lithic Oath.flac

      1.04.Under the Clear Sky.flac

      1.05.As Dusk Falls.flac

      1.06.Beyond the Distant Horizon.flac

      1.07.On a Cold Night.flac

      1.08.Defenders' Volition.flac

      1.09.Solitary Stray Bird.flac

      1.10.The Starlit Dome.flac

      1.11.The Faint Distant Mountains.flac

      1.12.Moon Above the Valley.flac

      1.13.Wandering Clouds.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Secret Is Held.flac

      2.02.Dreaming Earth.flac

      2.03.Frail Peace.flac

      2.04.Falls the Shadow.flac

      2.05.Prowl the Shadows.flac

      2.06.A Moment of Unsettledness.flac

      2.07.Blind Search.flac

      2.08.Into the Airless Void.flac

      2.09.A Glimmer of Hope.flac

      2.10.Crossing Roads.flac

      2.11.Stillness of the Ground.flac

      2.12.Lost in Gravel and Stone.flac

      2.13.In Gloomy Meditation.flac

      2.14.A Venture Into the Unknown.flac

      2.15.Decayed in the Darkness.flac

      2.16.A Shard From Past Glories.flac

      2.17.Ripples of the Past.flac

      2.18.The Long Lost Days.flac

      2.19.A Path to Delusions.flac

      2.20.A Route to Fantasies.flac

      2.21.Stories of Remote Antiquity.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.Irresistible Force.flac

      3.02.Tremor of Menace.flac

      3.03.Seething Animosity.flac

      3.04.Undercurrents of Hostility.flac

      3.05.Impending Danger.flac

      3.06.Inevitable Conflict.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Realm of Tranquil Eternity「寂々たる無妄の国」/miHoYo


      Disc 1


      1.02.Fall of Maples.flac

      1.03.Separated Dream.flac

      1.04.Streets of Elegance.flac

      1.05.Lingering Blossom.flac

      1.06.The Land of Her Serenity.flac

      1.07.In the Strange Realm of Sakura.flac

      1.08.Blue Dream.flac

      1.09.Dream of Scattered Petals.flac

      1.10.Thoughts of Lightning.flac

      1.11.The Mysterious Islands.flac

      1.12.Sakura-Scented Kiseru.flac

      1.13.Her Legacy.flac

      1.14.Everlasting Devotion.flac

      1.15.Kitsune's Mask.flac


      1.17.Time to Say Farewell.flac

      1.18.Flickering Sakura.flac

      1.19.Sigh of an Old Friend.flac

      1.20.The Sealed Harbor.flac

      1.21.Island for Outlanders.flac

      1.22.Dream of Homeland.flac

      1.23.Interwoven Nostalgia.flac

      1.24.Preparation of Matsuri.flac

      1.25.Island of Hanabi.flac

      1.26.Murmuring Creek.flac

      1.27.Remaining Tenderness.flac

      1.28.A Harmonious Rest.flac

      1.29.Hakushin's Lullaby.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Where the Heart Settles.flac

      2.02.Miko's Night.flac

      2.03.Where the Shirasagi Dances.flac

      2.04.Shirasagi's Demeanor.flac

      2.05.Valor & Prowess.flac

      2.06.A Night Watch.flac

      2.07.Samurai's Sorrow.flac

      2.08.Scarred Island.flac

      2.09.Silent Testimony.flac

      2.10.Soul of Soulless Conditions.flac

      2.11.Ones Who Strive to Live.flac

      2.12.Resounding of Silence.flac

      2.13.You Shall Not Tempt It.flac

      2.14.The Lost Mound.flac

      2.15.Dirge of the Soundless.flac

      2.16.Nothing but Ivy.flac

      2.17.Shadow of War.flac

      2.18.Another Conflict Incoming.flac

      2.19.Fortification of Resistance.flac

      2.20.Unwavering March.flac

      2.21.Caress of the Spirit.flac

      2.22.Stranded Wish.flac

      2.23.Busy Silhouettes.flac

      2.24.A Hollowed Skull.flac

      2.25.Whispering Tatarigami.flac

      2.26.Orobashi's Teaching.flac

      2.27.Forgotten Epic.flac

      2.28.Serpent's Tragedy.flac

      2.29.Embrace of Sea Waves.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.Duel in the Mist.flac

      3.02.Against the Invisible Net.flac

      3.03.Overlord of the Thunderstorm.flac

      3.04.Fiery Pursuit.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Shimmering Voyage Vol.2「真珠の歌2」/miHoYo


      Disc 1

      1.01.Pathos of Shirasagi.flac

      1.02.The Comrades' Ambush.flac

      1.03.Trial of Thunder.flac

      1.04.Shogun's Abdication.flac

      1.05.Unpredicted Conspiracy.flac

      1.06.A Sense of Foreboding.flac

      1.07.Wreck of Eternal Bane.flac

      1.08.Marching to Victory.flac

      1.09.Approaching Thunder.flac

      1.10.Bitter Triumph.flac

      1.11.Her Imperial Majesty.flac

      1.12.Eureka Moment.flac

      1.13.Odyssey to the Uncharted.flac

      1.14.Unforeseen Disaster.flac

      1.15.Fury Unleashed.flac

      1.16.Separate Ways.flac

      1.17.Take This!.flac

      1.18.Suffering of Parting.flac

      1.19.Under the Sun.flac

      1.20.Vanished Beyond Recall.flac

      1.21.Nothing but a Dream.flac

      1.22.Illusory Apparitions.flac

      1.23.Midnight in Mondstadt.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Tagelied nächtlicher Gedanken.flac

      2.02.Traum durch die Dämmerung, erster Satz.flac

      2.03.Traum durch die Dämmerung, zweiter Satz.flac

      2.04.Das Folkwanglied.flac

      2.05.Ein vogellin, so wol getan.flac

      2.06.Soliloquy of the Star.flac

      2.07.Flickering Brightness.flac

      2.08.Burst Into Flames.flac

      2.09.Die Mittsommernacht-Fantasie.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.The Liyue Romans-Fleuves.flac

      3.02.Bravery and Tenderness.flac

      3.03.Rumble of Thunder.flac

      3.04.Roots of Tranquil Eternity.flac

      3.05.Miko's Ingenuity.flac

      3.06.A Region Rediscovered.flac

      3.07.Cold Light.flac

      3.08.Broken Blade.flac

      3.09.Unfulfilled Aspirations.flac

      3.10.Evergreen Cypress.flac

      3.11.Magnificent Irodori.flac

      3.12.Breaking Point.flac

      3.13.A Clueless Case.flac

      3.14.Hang by a Thread.flac

      3.15.Yaksha's Reminiscence.flac

      3.16.Easier Said Than Done.flac

      3.17.A Single Thought.flac

      3.18.Prelude of Change.flac

      3.19.Phantasm Suite.flac

      3.20.The Everlasting Trail.flac

      3.21.Dazzling Stars.flac

      3.22.The Floating World.flac

      3.23.Soar in the Wind.flac

      3.24.Elogia Cinerosa.flac

      3.25.Song of Innocence.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Shimmering Voyage「真珠の歌」/miHoYo


      Disc 1

      1.01.What a Hopeful Voyage.flac

      1.02.Vast and Blue.flac

      1.03.Mesmerizing Waves.flac

      1.04.Journey into Sweet Dreams.flac

      1.05.Whispering Seabreeze.flac

      1.06.Sunshine Beach.flac

      1.07.Ariel's Footprints.flac

      1.08.Melody of Jellyfish.flac

      1.09.Comforting Quietude.flac

      1.10.Old Tales Preserved.flac

      1.11.Cautious Explorers.flac

      1.12.In Stories of Fading Light.flac

      1.13.Cozy Company.flac

      1.14.Reminiscence of the Old Days.flac

      1.15.Faraway Solicitude.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Overture of Storms.flac

      2.02.A Sparky Clash.flac

      2.03.Innocent Age.flac

      2.04.Whence the Flow Cometh.flac

      2.05.Hunt for Delicacy.flac

      2.06.Sneaky & Mischievous.flac

      2.07.Mellow Memories.flac

      2.08.The Wolf Boy.flac

      2.09.Battle Preparation.flac

      2.10.The Astrologist Awaiting.flac

      2.11.The Starlit Past.flac

      2.12.Fireside Rest.flac

      2.13.A Wicked Plot.flac

      2.14.A Cunning Trick.flac

      2.15.L'arrivo Della Signora.flac

      2.16.A Yearning Breeze.flac

      2.17.Ripples of Daydream.flac

      2.18.Welcome Back, My Companion.flac

      2.19.The Sudden Collapse.flac

      2.20.The Lunar-Eclipsing Palace.flac

      2.21.Unexpected Savior.flac

      2.22.A Letter from Afar.flac

      2.23.Lovers' Oath.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.All-Conquering Tide.flac

      3.02.Never-Ending Performance.flac

      3.03.Wrath of Monoceros Caeli.flac

      3.04.Dance with the Great Vortex.flac

      3.05.Ode to Azhdaha.flac

      3.06.Rage Beneath the Mountains.flac

      Disc 4

      4.01.Hymn of the Pearl.flac

      4.02.Overture of Falling Stars.flac

      4.03.Ominous Fandango.flac

      4.04.Rapture of the Chaos.flac

      4.05.Foul Legacy.flac

      4.06.Golden Dreams.flac

      4.07.Palace of Jadeite.flac

      4.08.Moon-Eclipsing Chamber.flac

      4.09.The Imminent Triumph.flac

      4.10.A Noble Sacrifice.flac

      4.11.Lingering Bitterness.flac

      4.12.Frostbiting Bloom.flac

      4.13.Tale of the Yakshas.flac

      4.14.Invitation of Windblume.flac

      4.15.An Inauspicious Blow.flac

      4.16.Fateful Departing.flac

      4.17.Reconnaissance Captain.flac

      4.18.Ominous Monolith.flac

      4.19.Through the Eyes of a Dragon.flac

      4.20.Dvalin Is Landing!.flac

      4.21.Summertime Wonderland.flac

      4.22.A New Summer Adventure!.flac

      4.23.Tales from the Snow Mountain.flac

      4.24.Destined Parting.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Stellar Moments Vol. 2「輝く星々 Vol. 2」/miHoYo

      1.01.Path of Yaksha.flac

      1.02.Broker Betwixt Life and Death.flac

      1.03.Any Last Words.flac

      1.04.Shadow of Nemesis.flac

      1.05.Marching of Xiezhi.flac

      1.06.The Frozen Emblem.flac

      1.07.Dance of Aphros.flac

      1.08.Iridescent Summer Day.flac

      1.09.Drifter's Destiny.flac

      1.10.Flow of Autumn Wind.flac

      1.11.Shirasagi Princess.flac

      1.12.Muji-Muji Chaos!.flac

      1.13.Eternity in a Moment.flac

      1.14.Blossoms of Summer Night.flac

      1.15.Will of Thunder.flac

      1.16.Good Hunting on a New Horizon.flac

      1.17.Tactician's Grit.flac

      1.18.A Glorious Awakening.flac

      1.19.Devotion of the Keeper.flac

      1.20.Awake From a Nightmare.flac

      1.21.Termination of Desires.flac


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Stellar Moments「輝く星々」/miHoYo

      1.01.Bard's Adventure.flac

      1.02.Let's Go, Crimson Knight!.flac

      1.03.Where the Sunlight Flees.flac

      1.04.Flaming Fry.flac

      1.05.Ouvertüre der ewigen Nacht.flac

      1.06.Sieh an, mein Sommernachtgarten!.flac

      1.07.Preserver of Fortune.flac

      1.08.Surge of Prophecies.flac

      1.09.Letter From Ajax.flac

      1.10.From Snezhnaya With Boldness.flac

      1.11.Exclusive Specialty.flac

      1.12.Rockin' With Fire.flac

      1.13.Nimble as Lightning.flac

      1.14.Contemplation in Snow.flac

      1.15.Genius of Takwin.flac

      1.16.Qilin's Prance.flac

      1.17.Rex Incognito.flac


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Wind and the Star Traveler「風と異邦人」/miHoYo

      1.01.Genshin Impact Main Theme.flac

      1.02.Dawn Winery Theme.flac

      1.03.A Sweet Smile.flac

      1.04.A Storm, A Spire, and A Sanctum (Dvalin's Nest).flac

      1.05.Caelestinum Finale Termini.flac

      1.06.Lone Sojourner.flac

      1.07.A Day in Mondstadt.flac

      1.08.Dream Aria (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.) Genshin Impact Main Theme Var..flac

      1.09.Pure Sky.flac

      1.10.The Edge of the Prairie.flac

      1.11.A Tale of Two Dragons.flac

      1.12.Rite of Battle.flac

      1.13.Knighthood Excellence.flac

      1.14.Happy Journey.flac

      1.15.The Wind Catcher from a Foreign Land.flac


      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Vortex of Legends「渦巻、落星と雪山」/miHoYo

      1.01.Snow-Buried Tales.flac

      1.02.Fragile Fantasy.flac

      1.03.Chattering Snowflakes.flac

      1.04.Serene and Sweet Adieu.flac

      1.05.Glistening Shards.flac

      1.06.Ad Oblivione.flac

      1.07.Abiding Chills.flac

      1.08.Menacing Cove.flac

      1.09.Striding in the Snowstorm.flac

      1.10.Sinister Mist.flac

      1.11.In the Desolate Hallway.flac

      1.12.The Flourishing Past.flac

      1.13.Unfinished Frescoes.flac

      1.14.Spin of Ice Crystal.flac

      1.15.Finale of the Snowtomb.flac

      1.16.Once-Colored Memories.flac

      1.17.Moonlike Smile.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Stellar Moments Vol. 3「輝く星々 Vol. 3」/miHoYo

      1.01.Time to Shine.flac

      1.02.The Spotlight's on Me!.flac

      1.03.Astute and Fearless Leader.flac

      1.04.As Charming as Ever.flac

      1.05.Days Free of Anguish.flac

      1.06.The Crane Cries.flac

      1.07.Chapter of a New Era.flac

      1.08.As Miko Pleases.flac

      1.09.Nothing but Trickery.flac

      1.10.Wishes Unspoken.flac

      1.11.Serene and Fathomless.flac

      1.12.There Is No Escape.flac

      1.13.Graceful Dexterity.flac

      1.14.Adroit Deputy.flac

      1.15.Storm Chaser.flac

      1.16.Evening Luxury.flac

      1.17.Winding Through Avidya.flac

      1.18.Caprice of the Leaves.flac

      1.19.Thanks for Your Patronage! !.flac

      1.20.Chant of Nine Bows.flac

      1.21.Order of Silence.flac

      1.22.Nephrite of Deshret.flac

      1.23.Lotus of Haftkarsvar.flac

      1.24.Surreal Noctivaga.flac

      1.25.Dreamy Felicitation.flac

      1.26.Surasthana Fantasia.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Unfathomable Sand Dunes「流変の砂、さやさやと」/miHoYo

      Disc 1 Sandstorm Remembrances

      1.01.Sorush's Purity.flac

      1.02.Resonance of Khvarena.flac

      1.03.Maidens of Sanctity.flac

      1.04.The Caress of Three Mothers.flac

      1.05.Where Simurgh Rests.flac

      1.06.Fantasy of Ten Thousand Blossoms.flac

      1.07.Dirge of Newborn Life.flac

      1.08.Undisturbed Tranquility.flac

      1.09.Mirage of the Oasis.flac

      1.10.Lonesome Road.flac

      1.11.Grief of the Lost.flac

      1.12.Dividing Paths.flac

      1.13.Dawnlight Over Dunes.flac

      1.14.Dance of Scorpions.flac

      1.15.Golden Crescent.flac

      1.16.A Pearl Amongst Legends.flac

      1.17.Hymn of Cicadas.flac

      1.18.Simurgh's Dream.flac

      1.19.Taabak Laylatak.flac

      1.20.Resting Rogues.flac

      1.21.Perilous Hollow.flac

      1.22.Omen of Desolation.flac

      1.23.Solitary Breach.flac

      1.24.Ghastly Badlands.flac

      1.25.Shadow in Ruins.flac

      1.26.Abominable Bog.flac

      1.27.Where Vermin Crawl.flac

      1.28.Where Dreams Putrify.flac


      1.30.Her Wishes.flac

      1.31.Oracle of the Void.flac

      1.32.Once-Joyful Dream.flac

      1.33.Kingdom of Dust.flac

      1.34.Empire of Sand.flac

      1.35.Spice Road.flac

      1.36.Realms of Amnesia.flac

      1.37.Gilded Journey.flac

      1.38.Ocean of Grains.flac

      1.39.Desert Lullaby.flac

      1.40.The Crescent Moon's Waning.flac

      1.41.Memories of Gurabad.flac

      1.42.Lo, There Do I See The Falcon.flac

      1.43.Where She Will Return.flac

      1.44.Those Who Dream No Dreams.flac

      1.45.The Temple Conquered by Death.flac

      1.46.Lamenting Torrent of Oblivion.flac

      1.47.Debris of the Beloved.flac

      1.48.Vermin Nest.flac

      1.49.Gurabad's Whisper.flac

      1.50.Buried Mysteries.flac

      1.51.Gold Cup of Oases.flac

      1.52.Lingering Vipers.flac

      Disc 2 Desert Exodus

      2.01.Aspiration of Guardians.flac

      2.02.Wind of Tranquility.flac

      2.03.Settlement for Exiles.flac

      2.04.Inscription of Dreams.flac

      2.05.Vow of a Thousand Generations.flac

      2.06.Smoldering Glow.flac

      2.07.Ruins of Scorching Might.flac

      2.08.Now and Then.flac

      2.09.Distant Retrospection.flac

      2.10.Reminiscences of Remnants.flac

      2.11.Land of Hidden Depths.flac

      2.12.Shade of Reticent Conundrums.flac

      2.13.Past Repast.flac

      2.14.Crumbled Pledge.flac

      2.15.Stairway of Neterikhet.flac

      2.16.Millennial Sails.flac

      2.17.Eye of Deshret.flac

      2.18.Falling Fantasy.flac

      2.19.Fading Finality.flac

      2.20.Echoes of Distant Past.flac

      2.21.Steps to Heptas.flac

      2.22.Juncture of Admonition.flac

      2.23.Emerald in the Desert.flac

      2.24.Elusive Elysium.flac

      2.25.Serenade of Callais.flac

      2.26.Reverie of Eternity.flac

      2.27.Dust-Swept Perplexity.flac

      2.28.Following the Sands' Trail.flac

      2.29.To the Land of Desperation.flac

      2.30.Arid Canyon.flac

      2.31.Deserted Path to Desert.flac

      2.32.Through Predicaments.flac

      2.33.To the Crescent Moon's Shimmer.flac

      2.34.Echoes of Ages.flac

      2.35.Obliterated Dust.flac

      2.36.Ancient Anamnesis.flac

      2.37.Obscure Mirage.flac

      2.38.Nebulous Dunes.flac

      2.39.On the Barren Sands.flac

      2.40.Across the Aridisols.flac

      2.41.Solitary Night Wanderings.flac

      2.42.Chords of Sand and Moon.flac

      2.43.Breeze in the Arid Night.flac

      2.44.Hushed Gleam.flac

      2.45.Lingering Thoughts.flac

      2.46.Profound Ravines.flac

      2.47.Perilous Exploration.flac

      2.48.Benevolence Bequeathed.flac

      Disc 3 Battles of Sumeru 2

      3.01.Wrathful Streaming Gold.flac

      3.02.Across Dimming Asterisms.flac

      3.03.Swirls of Shamshir.flac

      3.04.Swirls of Sachmis.flac

      3.05.Rhapsodia Roscida.flac

      3.06.Quintempus Niteastetae.flac

      3.07.Polumnia Omnia.flac

      3.08.God-Devouring Mania.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」Footprints of the Traveler Vol. 2「流星の軌跡」/miHoYo

      1.01.The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings.flac

      1.02.King Deshret and the Three Magi.flac

      1.03.Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises.flac

      1.04.All Senses Clear, All Existence Void.flac

      1.05.The Exquisite Night Chimes.flac

      1.06.Windblume's Breath.flac

      1.07.A Parade of Providence.flac

      1.08.Duel! The Summoners' Summit!.flac

      1.09.Secret Summer Paradise.flac

      ゲーム「Genshin Impact」The Shimmering Voyage Vol.3「真珠の歌3」/miHoYo

      Disc 1

      1.01.Euphoric Ride.flac

      1.02.Let's Get Started!.flac

      1.03.Bustling Bazaar.flac

      1.04.Flanerie sur le marche.flac

      1.05.Soothing Nightfall.flac

      1.06.Eventide Caprice.flac

      1.07.Triumph of Mirth.flac

      1.08.Cheerful March.flac

      1.09.Blissful Little Ditty.flac

      1.10.Chirping With Glee.flac

      1.11.Voyage of the Black Crystal.flac

      1.12.Fantastical Fairytale.flac

      1.13.Soothing Slumber.flac

      1.14.Pensees tranquilles.flac

      1.15.Les tendres souhaits.flac

      1.16.Astral Chime.flac

      1.17.Dreamlike Reflection.flac

      1.18.Journey by the Moonlight.flac

      1.19.The Owls' Nocturne.flac

      1.20.Towers of Afrasiab.flac

      1.21.Foregone Depiction.flac

      1.22.Distant Portrayal.flac

      1.23.Moment of Conflict.flac

      1.24.Dream of White Branches.flac

      1.25.With Witty Wit.flac

      1.26.Sipping in the Soft Breeze.flac

      1.27.Sanctuary for the Sick.flac

      1.28.Tipsy Poetry.flac

      Disc 2

      2.01.Melody of Utsava.flac

      2.02.Descendants of Deshret.flac

      2.03.Dance of Sabzeruz.flac

      2.04.Note of Calamity.flac

      2.05.Foreboding Beat.flac

      2.06.Unrequited Yearning.flac

      2.07.Eccentric Reception.flac

      2.08.Hyakuin of Blossoming Mirage.flac

      2.09.Moment of Tribulation.flac

      2.10.Smiting Scope.flac

      2.11.Crumbling Sands.flac

      2.12.Whisper of Weinlesefest.flac

      2.13.Parcener of Heptas.flac

      2.14.Two Hearts Rejoice.flac

      2.15.The Moving Finger Writes.flac

      2.16.Inebriation of Raghs-e-Nilou.flac

      2.17.Trifaria Conscientia.flac

      2.18.All in One, All in Vain.flac

      2.19.Heart of Yuugen.flac

      2.20.Remembrance of Akitsu.flac

      2.21.The Blaze Lilies.flac

      2.22.First Blossom of Spring.flac

      2.23.The Name Is Legion.flac

      2.24.Serenade of the Distant Realm.flac

      2.25.Occluded Blight.flac

      2.26.Love Is in the Air.flac

      2.27.Heliacal Path.flac

      2.28.Glowing Embers.flac

      2.29.Purposeful Purity.flac

      2.30.Pulse of Spring.flac

      2.31.Coronation of Providence.flac

      2.32.A Pensive Sigh.flac

      2.33.Chasing Starlight With You.flac

      2.34.Crystalline Reverie.flac

      Disc 3

      3.01.Dharana Iaksana.flac

      3.02.Invokation Game.flac

      3.03.Voyage Suite.flac

      3.04.Polumnia Omnia (Performance Version).flac

      3.05.Virtuous Guardian.flac

      3.06.The Final Feast.flac


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